Daily Prompt: Tree

Awesome that today’s prompt is tree! I was going to post last night, but did not make it that far. Yesterday I got to take a trail ride with a good friend, that was unexpected and spontaneous, and I aboslutely loved it!

Me and my friend have been trying to plan a trail ride for several weeks, and our work schdules have simply not allowed us the luxury of the time to go. Yesterday my sister got off work early and relieved me of my household chores so I could go! I loaded the horses and headed off!

I had gotten directions from a former 4-H advisor that were simple, at the top of the trail head, stay to the left, at every opportunity stay to the left. Easy!! All left turns!

We saddle up and started out, up the bank and into the woods, which by the way are fulled with TREES! the leaves are just starting to turn a smidge here in south eastern Ohio and in another week, I have no doubt that the same ride we took will be all that much prettier.

As directed, we stayed to the left at the first ‘Y’ easy, I reminded myself, stay to the left. At the second ‘Y’ we stayed to the left, and came out on the road just down from where we started. After a laugh we headed back into the woods and an hour and 45 minutes later, we were back to the original ‘Y’ glad to have found out way back to where we started.

Needless to say, it was an adventure. The horses encountered water, that neither one of them wanted to cross, or even put a foot in. It made for an interesting few minutes as my friend dismounted and led her horse around the water, and Jim was willing to follow him around. We enjoyed going up and down hills and through the trees. My friend was hoping to see deer, but other than a few birds we did not see any wildlife.

It was a much needed ride! I enjoyed the slower pace, and not focusing on training and working on conditioning etc. The horses enjoyed it, Jim was grateful for the change of pace and scenery. I can not wait for the next time!!


via Daily Prompt: Tree

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