Daily Prompt: Value

Everybody values different things. As I have grown up a little, I value different things than I used to. Value is important in life, to prioritize, set goals, and push yourself.

When I was younger, my taste in material things was different. I liked having an excitable, harder to handle horse. These days, I appreciate the horse that is patient and waits a bit quieter for our turn to race.

As a kid, I spent my time differently. School took a lot of it, and what I did not spend doing assignments I spent with my horse. My responsibilities are different now, and while I still prioritize my horses my time with them is more limited and I value it more. There are things that have to come first; work before play.

Everything has a value. My favorite pair of boots is just that my favorite. My childhood pinto horse is now a pasture pet that I treasure just being around and enjoying. He is irreplacable and still teaches me things.

As I am slowly expanding into new things like chickens etc, cost is always a thought. I am learning somethings are worth the money and others are not. Again, it is all about how much you value the money as well as the product. I am learning where it is ok to buy the off brand and where the name brand really does make the difference.

Time is valuable, and as a crafter I am learning the value of my time. Not too long ago, I put sleeves in a dress that took 3 hours. Even after I did it the first time, the second time still took 3 hours. As I looked at the dress, there was no doubt it was those sleeves that made the dress. There was no way the dress would even be half of what it was if those sleeves were any different. The investment of the 3 hours was totally worth the end result. The dresses came out beautifully and the new owners enjoy them! On the contrary, I remember investing better than half a day making a hat with my grandmother, that was very much not worth the time. The only benefit was getting to spend the day with my grandmother, which I would not trade for anything, but there was a much simpler was to construct the hat. It is all about what you value.

Everyday we make choices, what we value directly affects those choices. I have been trying to make it a point to take time for the things that I value, time with my grandparents being at the top of that list. Tomorrow is not promised, so I work on myself to improve and hopefully allow me to help and encourage others.

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