Chicken Waterer

Once the chicks outgrew their feeder, it did not take long for them to begin playing in their waterer either. With winter coming, the last thing I wanted was a wet floor or water on the floor for me to slip and slide in as I was caring for my birds. So I decided to start looking for a new waterer.

Once again, Pinterist to save the day! I found a couple pins about these drinking cups. So I went online to their webpage and read about them. The chickens trigger a yellow pin and it lets water into the cups for them to drink. No water is wasted as it only lets down when they peck the pin.



It took a couple times to get it right, but the water is stored in the bucket, in a brood box the girls never used. This gravity system makes it easy to fill and check the water level in the bucket. I originally tried to use the PVC adapters that the company sold with the product, however, I could not get them to stop leaking. My neighbor was nice enough to drill holes in a new piece of PVC, and then cut threads with a thread cutter. They did not leak after that!

The bucket was also a challenge, but my handy neighbor brought a few pieces he got at a hardware store and plumbed the PVC water line right into the bucket. A little silicone and an additional gasket and it did not leak either.

Since this is a gravity fed system, we drilled a small hole in the lid of the bucket to allow air to escape. Before the temperature drops, I will add pipe insulation and I already have plans to add a heat lamp in the coop this winter, if for no other reason than to keep the waterer from freezing.

The feed to the water line in the bucket is raised about an inch, which is great for keeping dirt etc from feeding down the water line and into the drinking cups. So far it has already cut down on the amount of work and headache! I am excited to see how it works over winter. It is a really smart solution to the problem of water on the floor!


2 thoughts on “Chicken Waterer

  1. Laurie says:

    This is great. Any concerns for the water freezing during the winter?

    I was visiting a friend yesterday, he has 30 or so free roaming chickens – fun to watching them.


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