Daily Prompt: Dilemma

The horse season is beginning to wind down, the seasons are beginning to change. On the farm there are several things to be done before winter comes, and I was fortunate enough to get a start on it last week. Spring next year is going to bring a few new challenges, and I have been trying to plan for them.

The past few weeks, hens have been disappearing. This has created a problem for me, and right now things are quiet. Whatever was getting the chickens seems to have moved on at least for today.

This coming spring I have several things, projects, I would like to do and try. I would lke to put out a garden and grow vegetables for my family. I have not tried anything other than tomatoes, and my sister’s plants did about twice as well as mine. I think it will be interesting next spring planting and watching my veggies grow.

Another thing I would like to do is to hatch some chicks out. I saw today a neat idea for a chicken playpen. I may implement something like that, but I have to solve the problem of the chickens disappearing. I have been throwing around the idea of building a larger chicken run or figuring out how to put a lid of sorts on the one I have. Many things to think about and consider  when planning that type of project. The size of my flock and ease of care being priorities.

There are several improvements I hope to make on the farm in the coming months and years. Someday my little farm will be exactly what I hope. Everyday brings me a new day to work toward my goal. Every project involves decisions, and those decisions are choices that I make. The dilemma is in the choices. All the projects I complete, have a common goal, to solve a problem. Spring time will be interesting here and I can not wait for the chance to step up to the challenge. I cant wait to watch little chicks hatch and grow, or vegetables sprout, or even the horses shed and then beginning exercising and training for the season. So many wonderful things to look forward to! Planning and preparation first.

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