Found Lil Hen

This afternoon, my neighbor generously helped me fix the leaking waterer in the chicken coop. I am so relieved it now works without a hitch and no leaks! Makes the chicken chores so much easier!

I have been seeing, as all chicken people do, feathers lying around the farm. Especially lately, I am into reusing, recycling, repurposing as much as I possibly can. Which led me to research what other chicken farmers do with these feathers that are lying around, beautiful, colorful, some soft, but I knew the last thing I wanted to do was waste them! Some farmers collect them and have actually sold them to crafters, others collect them, others compost them.

I think I will probably collect a few of the larger more colorful ones for crafting projects, including maybe an Indian doll outfit, which I think would be neat. Another project that I have decided to complete is a chicken father pillow. So I got a gallon size plastic bag this afternoon and started picking up the softer feathers that were lying in the yard. A couple feathers here, led to a couple feathers there, and a couple more there, and a huge pile there….

When I say a huge pile, I was very disheartened. Something was picking my hens off about a week and a half ago, my ten hens have become six and here was a pile of feathers. I went straight to my hens favorite spots and did a quick count. It does not take long to count to six and make sure all the girls were still there. 1,2,3,4,5….. 1,2,3,4,5….. as I guessed a 6th was not to be found. I scoured the barn area where they always hang out for 15 or so minutes without any better luck.

I accepted the fact that my 6 hens became 5 this morning while I was at work. I made the decision to confine the girls to their run tomorrow, to keep whatever has returned from getting anymore. The Guineas are near uncontainable, but with any luck the hens would not be able to fly over the chain link panels. I am still planning on giving it a try tomorow.

This evening as I made my way to my little chicken coop to lock my hens in for the night, I did what I have been doing every night, a quick count of my girls. The one Guinea is stil convinced she is indeed an Americana hen, and she roosts and lays her eggs with them. She was there along with all six of my Americana hens!! Relief swept over me as I shut the door to keep my girls safe tonight. My little hens were all there! God blessed me tonight! I get to enjoy all six of my hens for another glorious day!


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