Daily Prompt: Elegant

As the seasons begin to change here in southern Ohio, I have been doing some thinking. Ok, not just some, a lot of thinking. I am going to be blogging more! Feedback from my readers is impotant to me so feel free to comment away!

A semi continual projec that I have been working on, off and on for quite a while, is writing. I am have always enjoyed creative writing. In high school, I remember other students dreading when I had the opportunity to read my essays etc because they knew it was going to take several minutes. I never let that deter me.

My imagination often runs wild, and I feel accomplished when my reader can see the place, hear the sounds, feel the emotion etc in the moments I create.  Over the years I have worked at perfecting it and making my writing better. I am far from perfect, but I am big on self improvement and  progress is progress.

How all of this ties into Elegant is more of Elegance in my opinion. I enjoy being a conservative classy type of person, and I feel that Elegance goes hand in hand with it. In today`s culture many of those traits are considered old fashioned or outdated. I however, value them tremendously. Writing is an art, and elegance is good description when it comes to art and art work. If I can use my words elegantly than I can ideally create the best picture possible in your mind.

Journally has been one of my favorite things for a long time, and even though you can not see my anxiety that I have batteled for many years, journaling has helped me cope. Writing has been a way for me to express myself over the years, and  a journal has been the perfect place to lock up my thoughts and feelings. It has helped my grow my writing skills and become more efficient as clearly sharing my thoughts and ideas.

There is a point that you can use too many words, and loose the meaning of your message. That is never my goal, and when I first started writing, it may have been why my classmates dreaded my essays, I probably did it more than I realized. I am eager to continue to grow and exercise my writing skills! Stay tuned to monitor the progress!

via Daily Prompt: Elegant


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