Labor day on the Farm

After a busy weekend, I enoyed talking a slow morning. The goal for today was to get the chicken coop ready for winer, and while progress was made, there is still more to do. Work on the farm is never done, but it is nice to know that a job is finished!

Got up this morning to put the chickens out, and relized a few hens were missing, and I had 2 more that were not themselves. Sadly, a coon visited Saturday evening and while one has a slight battle scar, she fared better than about 3 others who were no match for the coon. No sign of the unwanted visitor since Saturday though.

Since the chicks had outgrown their feeder, I made one out of PVD pipe last week.  However, it did not hold enough feed, so I chose to expand.


2 feeders became 6! My initial thought was to put an elbow on the bottom of the PVC pipe, but when I tried it, the elbow was at the wrong angle. The feed would have dropped directly onto the floor. So I pulled up a pin that I saved on Pinterist with a different idea. This idea was not my own, just to clarify.

received_1686884148299448The ends of the feeders are open, so my neighbor helped me screw the board in place to keep the feed and corn from falling through the bottom. My neighbor cut the pipes to length, and then I put the fittings on. He installed the hose clamps to hold them in place and then I could not wait to see how they worked! The board did the trick and the feeders work great! These are so much easier than the first feeders that we put together.

If I had it all to do over again, I would make the feeders like this from the start. They went together a lot easier than the others that I made last week. This design also functions better, the other design popped apart on its own once. I chose not to use PVC cement so that I can take it apart to clean if necessary.

I am excited to see how the chickens like it over the next few days! I am hopeful that they adjust easily and that there is not nearly the mess to clean up from them constantly kicking over the feeder and throwing their feed all over the place.

There are stil a few chicken projects in the works!


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