Chicken Feeders

Since my chickens have grown, I now have 2 girls laying eggs daily, they have outgrown their feeder. It has become almost a daily thing for them to kick it apart. As many other chicken owners know, feed on the ground is not half as delictable as feed in a feeder, and I am not excited about them wasting it. So I needed another feeder.

After doing a lot of research, and looking at many many pictures and ideas, I decided to attempt to make my own PVC chicken feeder. I knew this feeder had to be accessible for them to eat, and also short enough that I could fill it comfortably. Since I am about 5’1″ I ended up with the top of the pipe at about 3 1/2 feet off the ground.

I wanted something cost effective and functional, but also fit nicely in my smaller backyard coop. With this design, if the birds do not play nice, I will simply remove the ‘t’ pieces and move the 45 degree pieces to the bottom and add more feeders between the current ones.


My neighbor was nice enough to stop by and cut the PVC pipe into 32 inch lengths as well as 2 1/4 inch slices to hold the ends on the verical pieces. He was also nice enough to screw the hose clamps to the sidewall and the landscape timber to the wall for the feeders to rest on in the even that the weight of the feed is too much for the hose clamps.

I have not started using the feeders yet, my plan is to let them empty their current feeder and then fill the new one. When I fill the new feeder, the water bucket will be moved. That is next week’s project, working on a new waterer. Also, in this pic you can see an egg!! I am so excited to announce I have two ladies now laying everyday!

On the list for the chicken coop are the new waterer, and a new ramp for the girls and me. The current one is not strong enough to hold me, so I plan to construct a new one that will not only support my birds, but also me so that I do not have to step around it or move it when I go inside the coop any more.

Hopefully I will know by the end of the week what the girls think of the new feeder, and will have an idea if any further changes need made to my little coop. I am getting ready for my first winter with chickens on the farm and am eager to see how a few things go. Stay tuned for information and to check out my next projects!


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