Chicken Coop Updates

On my list of things to do lately, has been to put ventilation windows in the sides. I work mornings, and when I get off the chickens have been warm. The best solution was to put hinged windows that I could prop open or latch closed.

The design I came up with was just a simple rectangular window with 2 hinges, and a latch. Furling strips were used to frame it and help hold its shape.

received_1680825125572017This is a picture of the first window propped open, it ended up being 5 feet 4 inches long and I made it 12 inches tall. To keep the birds in and critters out, I put rabbit wire over the opening and secured it with staples with the help of my neighbor. The furling strips surrounded the opening to help it stay sturdy and to give the hinges and latvh a better foundation to be screwed into.


I painted the furling stips as well as the exposed edges of the opening to help keep the board together despite the weather through the seasons. I like the way it looks with everything matching as well!

Putting the second window in went much faster! Things always seem to go that way with projects. After the first one, for the second we discovered it worked better to use screws than nails, and shorter screws at that. We made the top cut and about 6 inches down each side, put the furling strips on and then the hinges. Since we used the middle seam in the wall as the middle of the window, we made sure to screw both sides of that seam before putting the bottom furling strip on the window, which kept the pieces from slipping and let the window close cleanly.

Originally I had poultry staples, that we would have had to pound in individually with a hammer. That did not go well into the chipboard, so we ended up using a hand stapler and working from one end of the wire to the other keeping it even and taunt.


This is how it came out with a window on each side. There is a nice breeze that blows through the coop now, and I no longer worry about my chickens getting too warm. In this picture you can also see the roost and waterer that we put together! It is really coming together. Down to building a sturdy ramp and a bigger feeder and the chicken coop will be deemed finished!


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