Big News!

It has been a busy couple of weeks around here and today was no different! I did not get everything done that I wanted to today, but there is tomorrow. Got another field of hay down and back up, another transmission in the car and the horse trailer painted as well as judging and racing horses.

Today was a big day! I have been gathering supplies and picked up the last few things I needed to put ventilation windows in the chicken coop! My neighbor helped, and we got one done but not the second, so I will post about that another time.

While we were out working, a reddish hen came running in the chicken run, right up the ramp into the henhouse, and right into the end brood box. Not too long after that, a black hen with white tipped feathers, joined her. The black hen started pecking the red hen’s head and trying to push her out of the box. We were working on installing chicken wire over the ventillation window, and he noticed 2 greenish eggs in the brood box!!


This is the little reddish hen that came running into the henhouse.


My two eggs!! I was soo excited to find! Hopefully there will be more soon. I feel like it was a big day for the hens. I can not wait until I can collect eggs everyday! Seems odd to be looking forward to more chores, but collecting eggs has been awhile in coming. Finally seeing some fruit for the hours building and cleaning the henhouse and carefully tending to the young chickens.

I found the first egg in the barn a couple days ago, but it was clearly a Guinea egg. I have not found more Guinea eggs since, but I know I have at least one Guinea hen!  I am looking forward to the next couple weeks when hopefully more eggs start to appear!

The next couple weeks will be full on the farm, several projects started or in the planning stages! Many things in store for next year that I am looking forward to and ecited about!

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