Chicken Roost

What to do with an unexpected open Saturday? Get as much done on the farm as humanely possible!! Started with cleaning and more cleaning in the barn and chicken coop, finished staining fence posts, that project is finally totally done and the designing a chicken roost.

The chickens have been roosting on the lip of the brood boxes, which is less than ideal. I took some of the day yesterday to design a roost. I knew I wanted to build it like a ladder, with two vertical boards and two horizontal rungs.


I took measurements of the height and width that would I wanted the roost to fit into and also measured where the support boards were in the floor. I wanted the vertical boards of the roost to be anchored to the boards in the floor for maximum support.

After the vertical boards were in place, my neighbor was nice enough to run the drill and screwgun and circle saw, we eye balled the horizontal boards. I wanted two rungs, one higher one and one lower, because the Guineas like a higher roost. Currently 2 Guineas sleep outside on the roof. I am curious to see if they continue that habit once the weather starts to turn.


My neighbor suggested sitting buckets in the brood boxes to discourage the chickens from roosting on them. It was a good idea and works except for one hen that knocks them off so she can roost on the lip of the brood box. They crack me up!

The past 2 nights, I have set the chickens on the roost. I am hoping they get the idea to roost there on their own. I am going to bed down the brood boxes tomorrow and see if that makes a difference in encouraging them to roost on the roost. Time will tell if they decide they like it. I hope they do so that they will keep the boxes to lay eggs in.

The chickens that I had before laid eggs wherever they decided they wanted to. With the changes I have made since then, I am hoping that these chickens make it easier on me and lay their eggs in the boxes where I can collect them! Eggs are getting closer! And I can not wait to have fresh eggs from my chickens for breakfast! They are already earning their keep with bugs, I have not had fleas or ticks, and when I stripped stalls out yesterday, no flies even landed on me! I am enjoying them, but now I have another reason to enjoy them even more!


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