Drive is important in life. It pushes us harder, to try, to work, to compete, to live fuller. Drive is what helps us persevere when we are ready to quit, and helps us step up our game when we are ready to throw in the towel. Drive is motivation and it can push you to success.

Being homeschooled, I learned to push myself and get assignments done. I am the type that likes things done early over late. This habit was important when I went to college. I kept all of my assignments written in my agenda book along with appointments etc and I made myself stay on top of them. It payed off big time when it came to staying on top of course work.

Those of you following these posts have probably come to realize that horses are my passion. I have a drive for them that pushed me to work harder, longer and more dilligently to reach my goals. I remember one year, I begged for carhartt bibbs for Christmas, and then I rode my paint horse every morning before school. I started conditioning him and getting him ready for the season. When we went to our first competition in April or May he was ready. The payoff was I earned my way to the high school rodeo national finals. I will never forget that summer.

My drive pushes  me to work my horses now, even when I am tired and sore. I am not nearly as dilligent about it now as I used to be, and it shows. I miss having the drive that I used to. Usually at the beginning of the season I am a lot more driven that later in the season. I am hoping to renew that drive with my colt over the winter. He needs work and I am hoping to start competing with him next season. That is a new motivation and a new level of drive for me.

God gives each person their own drive, it keeps things interesting and keeps the world going around. He gives us drive for a reason, and it is up to us to pick it up and see where it takes us. He has a plan for us, and a reason for the drive He gave us, if we choose to use it.

I hope that you are able to find your drive and continue to stay motivated, as I challenge myself to stay driven and keep working toward my goals!




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