Pallet Floor

This idea was the intitial idea that started my bedroom make over and got my mind started on blogging. I have been asked numerous times for pictures of this project, so here they are!

I started researching making a floor out of pallets, after reading a blog from a building we will go, who has asked that the blog not be shared without permission. I read how they did it and jumped in.

Let me say first, that it took many hours and much help from numerous friends and family members to complete this and I never could have done it without them! SO the first step was collecting pallets!! And I collected them for about a year, 2 or 3 at a time, because not all the slats were usable, I had pallets everywhere! Friends delievered them as they were passing through, I picked them up, people now tease me about my pallet obsession.

To take them apart, this was probably the hardest part of the projext. My neighbor helped with his sawsall and 10″ construction blade. We went through several to get them all done. After doing so many of them we figured out that if we stood the pallets up to where the slats ran horizontally and cut all the ends of one side, then the other, and then worked down the middle it was the fastest. I would put pressure on the slats and make a small gap for the blade to start it, and the slats were off in no time. Just took some muscle and time.

Next, all the nails had to be punched out of the slats, because the wood tools do not care for metal. So I sat in the barn and using a punch, pounded all the nail ends out, again my neighbor was a good enough sport to help! The last few pallets were taken apart by me, another friend and my grandpa, because I was laying the floor and ran out!

Once I thought I had enough slats, I loaded them in the truck and hauled them to my Grandpa’s basement where his wood shop is set up. I sorted them, wide and narrow and started plaining them. Took 2-3 days of work, but we got them all to be 1/2″ tall.


Quite a pile of boards! Once the boards were planed, we joined one edge of them. The joiner was probably the scariest machine to run! After the boards were square on one side we used the table saw to make them square on the other. Believe it or not, I started with a pick up truck bed pretty full of boards! We lost a few along the way that were too narrow, too thin or too broken/split, so more is always better than less.


Once the boards were ready to lay, Grandpa pulled the carpet up, while I was at work, and I helped to lay a new subfloor. A bad subfloor was the culprit all along, but the carpet was in bad shape too. The subfloor I chose was 1/2″ board.


This is just over the halfway point. There were more boards that came out to be about 3″ then the wider ones are closer to 8″ if I remember right. We staggered the seams also. One the back we used an adhesive, like you would for tile, then just nailed through the existing holes since the nails had large enough heads to cover the holes, this kept the slats from splitting.


The closet was the hardest part of laying the floor, since we had to cut almost every single board, and it was the leftover ones that wer not as pretty. This little section actually turned out to be my favorite! I love the darker and variated tones of the wood.


Here it is! I used an oil base clear stain. I wanted the natural colors of the wood to show through. This is right after I stained it, so it is not so shiny now, but I put 2 coats of the apoxy stain on for many years of durable life. Not only do I love my floor, but everyone who has seen pictures has thought it turned out well. All the hours of elbow grease and time was more than worth it!!


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