Storms of Life

As a Christian, my perspective may be different of the storms in my life. We have all been through our share, some longer than others, some more intense, some rougher and some that make us wonder how much more we can take. The saying is true, what does not kill you makes you stronger.

My family and close friends know about a horse accident that I had several years back. God taught me so much through that storm! I found comfort and strength not only from my church family, my blood family and friends, but from reading my Bible and feeling His presence with me. Through the healing process, I had several frustrating days, and when I would sit down and read my Bible in the evening before I would go to sleep, He would show me new verses that He used each day to speak to me and encourage me as I fought and struggled.

There were verses that I kept being drawn back to, these included Psalm 62, specifically verses 1 and 2. These verses remind us that God is our fortress and as long as we rest in Him, we will never be shaken! There is no battle too great for God!

Another verse that I review often is Ephesians 6:11-12 which talks about being ready for spiritual battle by preparing and using our armor. Verse 12 goes on to remind us that our battle is never against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, authorities and powers of this dark world, in other words the devil himself.

I did not truly understand spiritual warfare until I stood in the middle of this storm. Things that I never imagined would be a struggle became enemies that I had to fight everyday. There was a span of time that I could not let my mind be idle because it wondered where it should not go.

I found peace in knowing my LORD and SAVIOR was right there beside me, holding my in His arms, protecting me from the enemy because He was not done with me, and He still isn’t!! I believe God has a plan for me and for you! He uses every battle, every situation, every struggle to teach and prepare us for what He has next. By learning the lessons that He had to teach me, I have been able to help several others in recent years fight their own battles and encourage them as they tired. God has you where you are for a reason and I hope that you find encouragement through this post to continue on your path and keep the faith. He is right there with you through the storm!



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