Enjoying My Guineas

The past few weeks, the Guineas have been flying around. The other day, one flew on the roof of the henhouse, before jumping on the roof of the other house and flying over the fence to their run. It has since become a game to them, I have 2 that enjoying playing, hang out on the roof and squawk and chirp at the top of our lungs! It has been a bit of an adventure getting them down to roost for the night.


The Guineas keep me entertained all day! One minute they are chasing the poor barn cat across the yard, the next they are scratching in the dirt and pecking bugs. Next thing you know they are chasing each other and playing with the chickens.

This evening I went out to round them up for the night, and they were not by any means ready to come in. As soon as I walked into the run, they started sounding the intruder alarm, despite the fact that I am indeed the one that feeds them, waters them etc, I was unwelcome. It did not bother me a bit, I enjoyed listening them as I stood in the run and watched them flut around, chasing each other around and under the henhouse.

The past few days, the Guineas have been doing better about going to bed and staying off the roof. Tonight however, the one was back to the usual routine. Fortunately for me, tonight the shennanegans did not last long. The Guinea was easily convinced to come down before his comrades in orneriness had a chance to join her. It is so much easier convincing one to come down than two. The other two have no interest in flying up there, which strikes me as a little odd. I thought for sure it would be a monkey see monkey do type of thing, and for two of them it is. I think the other 2 are convinced they are chickens and not Guinea hens.

Regardless of how much noise they make or what kind of stunt the Guineas decide to entertain me with today or tomorrow, I am thoroughly enjoying having them! They are the first to alert me when the cat happens to run through the yard or whe the dog gets too close. They enjoy playing with each other and the chickens. I will admit they are noisy, but I thoroughly enjoy listening to them. It is like listening to turkeys cluck and chirp without even having to go hunting!


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