Making Memories this Afternoon

This afternoon, I was reminded of one of the greatest blessings I have, my grandparents. Many of you have followed my projects, which I could not have gotten done alone. My grandparents along with others have held my hand every step of the way. Today was no different.

I drive a little 4 cylinder car, that is a ’97 model… making it almost as old as me! Anyone can guess it takes a little, or a lot, of maintenance to keep the old girl, lovingly named ‘Matilda’ running. While I dabble in projects, mechanicing is not something I am good at. Grandpa once again came to the rescue. Tildy started making a new noise a couple days ago, so I drove her out to see him. After a test drive and a look, he could see what the cause of the problem was, and I got to help jack her up while he fixed the problem. Now she is running 🙂

While Tildy was being test driven, I got a chance to talk and visit with Grandma. I have been throwing around the idea of a garden. If it was not for getting chickens this year, I would have attempted a garden, but chickens was enough of a project to tackle. I picked Grandma’s brain for a while about the research I have done on things like raised beds, weed control, starting plants indoors and then transplanting to an outdoor garden and also things like canning and freezing. I loved being able to talk to her, bounce ideas around and learn from her experience, ironically she was cleaning squash as we talked!

I spent much more time with them when I was younger, and I am already kicking myself for not visiting nearly enough. I was so glad to hear that Grandma is willing to help me learn as I put my own garden in next year, so that I do things properly. I can’t wait to try my hand at gardening for the first real time, and the best part of it will be spending extra time with people who are very important to me!

There is no better feeling than knowing, if I need anyting, anything at all, Grandma and Grandpa are always there. They have my back. I am truly blessed! and loved more than I could ever realize!


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