The Chickens experienced Freedom!

A couple days ago, I let the chickens out of their run for the first time. Then I of course watched! The Guineas were naturally the more adventurous, followed by the rooster and a couple hens. They have slowly been more curious and expanding their range of search.


They ventured all the way across the yard yesterday, and the best part is they are coming as a group back to the henhouse for the night! I am so glad that they are doing that on their own. Makes evening chores a lot easier!


I have enjoyed just standing outside and watching these birds. My coworker sends donuts home for them and I break up a couple at a time to feed them. Not only do they love those, but bread and buns are their favorite treat. The one hen picked up a hunk yesterday and carried it off for later before returning to the feed pile for another. Poor hen, the others had discovered her hidden piece while she was searching for another. The chickens enjoy their daily feed and corn, and are scratching away for bugs and weeds.

These guys are so entertaining, they talk and fly. The Guineas were going to roost on the roof until I started letting them out. They would roost and squak until it was time for me to put them in for the night. The past couple days they have stayed down off the roof, which has made it easier on me. Nonetheless I have enjoyed them!

I have a few small upcoming projects for the hen house, including a PVC pipe feeder and a buildling a better roost, that they hopefully like better. Right now they are roosting on the ledge of the nesting boxes, which I wish they would not do, but that is heir preferance. I can only hope a different roost will change their minds.

The Guineas are undoubtedly at the top of the pecking order, followed by the rooster naturally. But the Guineas keep the rooster in line! Poor guy was being chased around the yard yesterday.

They also chase the barn cat, when it happens to venture by their coop. They chased the lil gray cat all over the yard day before yesterday too. At least they are getting their exercise! Poor cat has decided it is easier to leave them alone. I can not wait to see what they do tomorrow!


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