Milk Can Nightstand

I really enjoy finding old things and turning them into something new again. I have been in the process of slowly redecorating my bedroom. I was originally going to make a lamp out of the old milk can, but in person, it was too large to make the base out of. So now I had a milk can, and no project. My new bed was finished, made by a local carpentar from shiping pallets, and much taller than my previous bed. So, the milk can was a natural fit for a nightstand!

I put one of my mason jar table lamps on it, but the can lid itself was not large enough for anything except that lamp. So, now a new problem, I needed some kind of top. I originally thought plexi glass, but a piece large enough to make a top out of cost more than I wanted to spend on this little project. I considered making a top out of pallets to keep with the pallet theme throughout the room, but I did not want that look either. So I thought and thought. The other problem I ran into, is this is a vintage can, I did not want to jeopardize the integrity of it, so whatever I came up with I wanted to be able to leave the can as it was.

A family friend was cleaning out their garage and found a lazy susan from their old dining table that they had kept and tucked away. It was a dark stain and had a clear top coat over it. There were a few scratches and dings, but the more character the better fit, especially in my bedroom!

I talked to another friend that is a carpenter and he suggested ways of attaching it that would not damage the can itself. Then my neighbor came up with this! 2 screws with large heads, and 2 strips of leather that I cut thin that were leftover from a previous project


The holes that the leather are put through were already in the lid, so I did not alter it in anyway! My favorite way to do things, keep things as true to original as possible and prejects that are as inexpensive as possible!

The finished product came out beautifully!! It is the perfect height with my new bed and it is a good size to hold my lamp, glasses, phone, alarmclock and even a book if I want!


It fits in perfectly!


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