Ironic coincidence that this is the word of the day today! I spent the better part of the afternooon transforming my latest project from someone else’s trash to my new treasure!

On the farm, we have high tensile wire type fencing. Many horse owners, know and can probably share their own horror stories of horses getting caught in this wire. The fencing has done a wonderful job for about 15 years, and many of the posts are in bad shape. I had the opportunity to purchase new posts a couple years back, on sale, so I stocked up! They have been waiting for me to finish the project.

Recently, I have one horse that loves to crawl through the high tensile fence. Fortunately she has mastered the art and can climb through pick grass along the road and back inside for feeding. Ornery filly! I have worked on and fixed the fence to keep her in.

My buddy decided to get out of horses and caught wind of my project. He gave me the boards from his horse stalls to make into fence rails! I went to load them up and they were trash before he turned them into stall boards. They had been bleacher seats at one time. I just came in from painting the boards since they were not designed for outdoor wear like other boards would be. I think it is totally awesome, not transformed once, but twice! The clean white rails are sturdy and ready for years more of service. I would much rather have repurposed materials than them ending up in a jink pile or somthing similar. Most of the little projects I complete are things that started out as old or unusable for something else.

My family probably gets tired of seeing the junk that I bring home, but when I step back and look at what it has become, the transformation is totally worth it!!! I have several other projects I am working on before I post them, and there is still fence work to be done, but at least today I was able to make progress on one project. Sometimes the best part of the project is watching the transformation happen, like mason jars to lights, or milk can to nightstand (that post is coming), or pallet to floor (can not wait to share that one!) I can not wait to finish the current projects I have so that I can move on to something else!



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