Connected, Horse and Rider

Horses are a genuine passion of mine. I absolutely love to compete in races, unwind with a bareback ride through the pasture and by challenging myself and my horse with training for a better performance. I have learned a lot over the years through several instructors and several horses who were patient enough to help me grow.

When I was in high school, I was competing at the highest level I have experienced to date. My horse was a special gift and I worked and worke to make him what he was. I have never been connected with another mount before or since the days that him and I raced and compteted together. He is my best friend and one of the best teachers I have ever had. Over the years I spent so much time with him that I learned to read him. He had likes and dislikes of course, but there were days, I could feel how our race was going to go just by his approach to the arena gate. I have never had a horse fit me like him. I was so tuned to him, I felt his muscles tense and I knew what he was thinking. He would respond to my lightest movement.

I took the relationship I had with him to another level, when as many barrel horses do, he got ‘hot’ and gate sour. We started doing ground work everday and through the extra time I learned to read him on a different level. Our connection grew. I remember being at the fair with him in the round pen one morning. I was free lunging him, but he was in total control. Just by my body I was communicating with him and he was responding despite all the distractions. That was an awesome feeling.

While no horse will ever replace him in my heart, I am able to use what I learned from working with him and building that respect, relationship, trust and connection wotrking with other horses. Without all of the above mentioned things, the team will never be their best, because all of those things work together and build on each other.

Making connections in life is a valuable tool, especially in the service industry. People, like horses, want to make connections and build relationships. I challenge myself everyday at work to connect with people and make their day better. I feel so much better when they leave with a smile instead of a frown.




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