Busy week on the Farm

I got to watch many exciting things this week on the farm! Just another reason I enjoy being here and doing what I love! This time of year is the busiest for farmers. All around me planting is finishing and the first cutting of hay is being put down and baled up.
The chickens have settled into a routine, they will actually come in at night on their own opposed to me chasing them for 20 minutes. It seemed the Guineas were the last to learn, but they are all on the same page now. I discovered recently that I have 2 Amerucana roosters, a grey and black on with greening feathers on his neck as well as a more solid red one with a black tail. So far they get along well, and as long as it stays that way, they can live peacefully together. The grey speckled one, started trying to crow the beginning of last week. I so enjoyed watching him ruffle his feathers and stretch his neck in preparation and then a slight little sound would generate from him. It took him all week, but he figured it out! He started really crowing last Friday.
Last week I also started to refence the pasture. With a little help I got the fence post holes all dug, the posts set and tamped tight. If I would not have had to make a feed run today, and if the weather would have held, we would have started stretching the boards. Knocking out one thing on the list at a time. Doing what I can one day at a time. Always more to do, but I keep reminding myself, Rome was not built in a day.
This time of year is also when the horse season kicks into full swing, so trying to ride as much as possible to keep the boys in shape and tuned up. I stay busy, but I enjoy it. The boys have both been doing pretty well the past week or so. The small victories are what I seem to get the most enjoyment out of. For instance, my colt took the right lead on his own a couple nights ago. That was the first time he has done that! He will take the left every time, but he actually took the right! With the older horse, we have been working on a balanced stride especially at the lope, and he was willing to hold a nicely paced lope almost entirely on his own! I was so excited over those two small things.
I am looking forward to what next week has in store!


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