When I think of Flourish, I think of rejuvenation. When you are a part of something, church group, work crew, club, etc you have a choice to make. You can either have a positive attitude and strive for excellence by giving 110% or you can choose to be miserable and complain. When I think of flourishing, I think of a flower, being planted in some kind of rocky soil that has minimal nutrients, growing into a beautiful blossom despite circumstances that say it should have never had a chance.

I work on self improvement constantly, I want to be a better person, accomplish more, finsih a better product, make a more poitive difference in the lives of others around me. In my line of work, I have about 2 minutes to make a positive difference in the customers’ day.  I enjoy my job because most of my customers leave with a big smile even if they did not come in wearing one. I get a chance everyday to make  a difference to others, I get a chance to reflect the love of God, even if only for a moment.

I am all about challenging myself as I improve so that I can set better goals. This includes my influence on others, to truly flourish in life can mean striving for excellence in any number of ways or areas. For me, flourishing means improvement and growth, I am lucky enough to have opportunities everyday at work to grow in my people skills which was a great struggle just a couple years ago. My favorite part of my job is making people smile and I have gotten better at it with practice.

Another area that is a good test, is attitude, I struggle with this often myself. My attitude is my choice, and its my responsibility. This means to successfully flourish, for me, I must choose to be happy, friendly, cheerful, content etc. It is not my surroundings that dictates my attitude, even though I would like to blame other things often, it is my choice. It is not always the easy choice to make, and often enough I dont chose to make the best choice, but I try and I work towards my goal.

I enjoy challenging myself to be better, to do better and to make a bigger difference. My choice today is to push myself to Flourish tomorrow vy nmaking a positive difference in my own little corner of the world.




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