Change of Plans

Tonight I had plans of posting the beautiful doll dress I have been working on complete with pictures and descriptions so that you could all see why I have not been posting quite as much the past few days. After finishing the final dress this afternoon, I have decided I would much rather add a couple pairs of shoes and a head piece before the big unveiling. So like everything else this week, my plans have changed.

There are 4 outfits in total, and you have had the chance to see progress on a couple of them, but there is plenty more to see. In addition to the dresses, sashes and a shawl, I would like to add a Mantilla to the one party dress, as well as experiment with shoes. One of my best friends has agreed to see what we can do to hopefully get that professional look from home. When I have put shoes togeher in the past, they look very home made and blah. I am hoping that a second perspective will help achieve the look I want to go with the outfits.I am hoping to make a pair of black dressy flats and a pair of brown leatherish shoes to go with the four dresses. Shoes give the outfits a complete look.

I took the opportunity to research a little about the Mantilla. They are lave head dresses that are on hair combs. Combs are usually tortoise shell, and they range in terms of extravagency. I enjoyed researching and looking at the different styles and tyes. They are usually to your shoulders or a little longer and drape from the hair comb. Some styles wrap under the chin while others hang freely. All that I looked at were elegant. I can not wait to attempt to make a couple!

I am excited to get this set done and move on to the next set that I am planning. It is all the little details that take a simple dress to something special. These dresses have taken longer to put together than some of the ones I have previously done, but the darts and princess seams, or ruffled sleeves really make it something exceptional. All the little details make the fit that much better, the lines hisorically accurate and flattering, and the trims let the garment stand out. I have had fun with the laces and ribbons, matching, contrasting etc. I can not wait to see these as finished outfits let alone start on the next ones!



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