Mason Jar Lamps

To continue redecorating my bedroom, and focusin on bringing in more light, I wanted to look at lighting options. I am very much into the Do It Yourself ideas, as I explained in my earlier post about my chandelier. The chandelier provided a lot of light, which is great when you are working, but not so much when you are reading before bed or something like that. So I was back to needing light.

Since Mason Jars were already an element that I was incoorporating into my design, I figured it would be best to coordinate with that same idea. So, I again turned to Pinterest. I got some good ideas, and had about decided to make my lampshades and everything. I was having trouble choosing from all the different styles on there, because there were several that I liked.

I finally settled for a simple jar with a prewired lighting kit that I got online. I endded up waiting to get the jar, because I did not want a quart, I wanted a half gallon to help offset the weight of the lighting kit and the shade. It did not take me long to discover the jar was still too light, even going with the bigger jar. I used it for awhile without anything in it, while I waited for my farrier to collect used horseshoe nails. I am glad I thought of that. It ties the jars together perfectly with the more western flair of my decor, and it is a great weight in the jar to keep it upright and balanced.

Because I was worried that the nails would rust and leave spots on my antique mason jar, I painted them with clear spray paint. This kept them from rusting and keeps my jar clean and as nice as the day I got it!

Lastly I had to find a shade. I knew I wanted burlap, to match the valances I made, but that was as far as I was sure. I started looking, and found a burlap lampshade at Wal-Mart for less than $10. Sold! It completed my lamp! IMG_20160509_215806_681

I loved the simple look! It fit perfectly with the ideas that I had to go with the rest of the room. Actually, I liked it so much, that I ended up making a second one! I now have one that sits on my nightstand and a second one that sits on my dresser!


A friend helped me get the nails, as I switched farriers. I was lucky enough to find two jars, with the same number on the bottom 29! I thought that was really neat! So, I made it one step closer to having the bedroom that I want. One project down many more to go!


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