Letting the Chicks get some sun!

Last night when I fed the chicks, it seemed as though they had grown literally overnight! I had 4 Guinea chicks and my Americanas looked totally different!


I could not believe that my little chicks were so big already! I really enjoy all the different color variations between them. I have a couple that are greyish white and dark feathered, others that are a darker brown and black feathered while still others are light brown and one is even a reddish brown. I have taken so much pleasure in just listening to them cluck and chirp and watching them as they have learned to roost.

Today has been a beautiful spring day! It is so pretty, when I got home from work, I decided to fix the chicken run and let the chicks out! I have been keeping an eye on them of course, but I think they are enjoying being outside of the chicken coop.


One of the primary reasons I decided to get chickens was for their ability to help with bug control, and they are scratching and pecking away! Down the road, when they are bigger and more accustomed to their surroundings, I hope to let them run loose in the yard.

When I had chickens before, a dog killed them, sadly. Now that that dog is no longer an issue I can not wait to let them roam! Something about chickens loose in the yard when you pull in the driveway, one of the perks to being on a farm!

A couple days ago, I was out feeding the horses, right around 5am. I was lucky enough to hear one of the neighbor’s roosters crowing, and the sun was not even trying to come up yet. I smiled to myself as I thought my own roosters will soon be joining him! Not everyone likes to hear a rooster crowing early, but it is a comforting sound to me. This world keeps getting busier and busier, I take as much time as I can to try to slow down and enjoy the things that I feel are sometimes overlooked.

God created everything in nature, He created you and me, and I intend to enjoy His beautiful scenery and sounds!


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