Mason Jar Chandelier

One of the biggest reasons I decided to start this blog was to share the projects I have completed, tips and tricks so that if others decided to try them, they could learn from my mistakes. When I decided I was tired of looking at beige walls, carpet and cream curtains, a change was necessary.

When I moved into my new room, several years ago, I noticed there was no ceiling light. No problem I used a lamp on my dresser and a lamp by the bed. As I started doing more sewing projects, that was not enough light to see my work well, especially when it came to things like hand sewing and removing stithes. My solution was to figure out a light that would go with my new style.

Mason Jar were just starting to become popular, even though I loved the look of them before the latest craze. I started looking at photos online and stumbled across my current chandelier at a flea market in West Virginia. It was a $10 or $15 find! I was very excited! When I purchased it, there were no globes even so that was one less thing to think about because I already had a plan!

The Mason Jars increasing popularity the past few years made finding the desired jars a lot easier! The bedspread that initiated the whole change had a lot of blue in it, so I wanted blue Mason Jars for globes on my light. I decided I liked the look of the pint size jars, so my only dilema was attaching them to the chandelier.

I asked a employee at my local hardware store, and he suggested a LockTite product, which worked initially, but when the jars heated from the light bulbs, they fell off, right next to my dog laying on the floor ironically. He decided that wasn’t the best place to lay. JB Weld was my next choice and it held for quite awhile. I discovered that the type of lightbulb had a good bit to do with the amount of heat also. With the pint sized jars, a regular lightbulb would not fit, so I purchased appliance bulbs that fit nicely inside the jars and put off adequate light. When the first bulb blew, I purchased what I thought were the same ones, but they were dufferent enough theymade a lot more heat. I would definitely try to find energy saving etc, that do not ut off as much heat as a traditional bulb.

With a little bit of clean up and some TLC I had a chandelier for my bedroom that I absolutely love! It fits the style of my room perfectly and it is a one of a kind piece that i will treasure!




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