Chicks are Still Growing

Its the little things in life that I get the most enjoyment out of. The past few weeks, I have really enjoyed spending time with my chicks. It is neat to watch them grow and change. I opened the door to see the Guineas and Americanas getting along, sharing feeder and waterer as well as the warm spots under the lights.


The Guineas are harder to see in this picture as the Americanas have grown so much. I know most people consider Guineas to be noisy, but I enjoy just listening to them. They remind me of the sound of wild turkeys, which I have enjoyed listening to for years.

This picture also shows how the Americanas have feathered out, almost fully! There are several different colors in my flock and I can not wait to see what the final result is! I have one or two hens that I think are absolutely gorgeous! Redish brown with black tips on some of their feathers. Not sure yet if I have any roosters, but time will tell.

I would like to hatch a few chicks out in the future, just to see how it goes. Some of the most exciting moments on the farm are welcoming new little ones into the world! Springtime brings a lot of that and I am already looking forward to trying my hand with the chickens.

Farming is not for everyone, but I would not trade my little farm with my animals for anything! It is extra work, but I do not mind much, the rewards of healthy happy animals that greet you in the morning and evening are totally worth it! The horse are on a feed schedule and they quickly tell you if you are late. The chickens are not far behind, I expect them to be chirping and clucking if I decide to sleep in soon. Everything on my farm enjoys me and my care, they trust me and rely on me, that is the best part about what I do!


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