Productive Rainy Day

With spring, comes the wonderful spring showers, and in Ohio also storms. Rainy days limit outdoor progress, but gives me a chance to catch up on indoor work, which I always have a bunch of! Today was the perfect catch up day.

Livestock always comes first for me, so since the horses were out enjoying the spring grass, that left the chicks to check on. I can’t believe how much and how fast they are still growing! The Americanas are borderline fully feathered, and the Guineas are just over a week old now. I still enjoy just listening to them! The little Guineas sound so much like turkeys it is unreal. The Americanas are starting to roost and it is exciting to open the coop in the morning to see how many are roosting.

Once the chicks were taken care of, I turned my attention to sewing. Sewing proved to be a rather relaxing way to spend the wet, muddy evening. I have been working on a new pattern that I have not made before. Always a learning curve, but it has gone fairly easily. The outfit I decided on is for a 3 year old little girl. She has a 15 inch doll baby that she loves, and she only has about 2 outfits.

The little dress and matching jacket are a pattern from pixie fairy. It has a gathered, elastic neckline and a band along the bottom to accent the color of the sundress. I cant wait to get it finished so I can post pictures. It is turning out really cute!

Took the day off riding, with the rainy weather the ground was slick, so that leaves preparation for race day to tomorrow. I am looking forward to another full weekend. I can not wait to see how the race goes! Changed Bart’s bit, he seems to like this one better, so hopefully he is not fighting it like he did the other one. It will also be abother chance to try and work out my timing with Jim and master the second turn.  This season is full of hope, new season, new page and new goals! Now to just take it one day at a time and see where we end up!


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