Busy weekend,but wonderful way to spend it

This past weekend has been full and full of memories. Even though it is only technically spring, this weekend felt so much more like summer. Several noteworthy things happened on the farm and it made the weekend that much more exciting!

Saturday I had to work, so my weekend really got underway Sunday, but I enjoyed as much of it as I could just the same! I loaded up the boys and went to the race early.

I was pleasantly surprised how the boys did. Jim felt better than he has in years, even though we put a can on the ground in both races. He ran with more heart than he has had in several years. He ran, because he wanted to and because he felt good. His tuens were solid, and balanced. Knocking the barrel was my fault both times, and I plan to work on that this week in preparation for the next race.

The youngster, Bart, did not go to win a race, but to experience the sights and sounds and learn about patiently waiting tied to the trailer etc. He did very well, and even focused and listened during his exhibition runs. I was proud of him!

The chicks are still growing, as I anticipate them continuing to do. The Guineas are a week old tomorrow, and I plan on turning them loose in the coop. The bigger birds go in and out of their box as they please, and so far everyone is getting along well. It will be easier to care for them properly when they are all together also. The Americanas are almot fully feathered! Their colors are beautiful in my opinion and I was enjoying just watching them in the coop this evening, enjoying them walk around with each other and watch me a little curiously.

We are entering into the final count down for the mare, closing in on about 5 weeks until delivery. I am honestly hoping for a filly, but as long as I have a healthy foal with a safe delivery and a healthy mom I will be pleased. The little one coming will be a full sibling to Bart and I am excited about its arrival.

Springtime on the farm is unlike any other time of year, grass comes on turning the field green, baby animals, chicks, foals and kittens in my case, arrive, and everything is in bloom. The fields are beautiful to look at, and the animals are fun to watch as they explore and learn about their surroundings. It helps the excitement grow for summer!


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