A Glimpse into my Passion

Up to now I have focused primarily on the chickens because they are new and babues are always exciting! However, there is a lot more to my small farm than a few chicks. Spring has sprung which brings all kinds of projects!

The horses have always been the primary focus for me. When you are able to follow your dream, that’s more of a blessing than I can even explain. This weekend kicks off the barrel racing season for me, starting with a fairly small show to get my feet wet and see how the boys are going to do. The past few years, I have only been competing with one horse, a tall sorrel Quarter Horse named Jim. I have learned so much about racing and training, and even starting colts y working with Jim the past 5-6 years. Last season was rough going, but now the soundness issues have been cleared up and I am excited to see how this season begins for him.

I am excited to start racing Bart this year also. He is also tall, like Jim, but built thicker and stockier. Bart is a black bay Quarter Horse, out of my buckskin mare. I started Bart myself, from the ground up. We have come along slow and learned things the right way. He is still learning everyday as he improves with each workout.

This weekend will be exciting. In a way it marks the season opening for me. I have been riding, conditioning and training for about a month in preparation, but you never know what is going to happen that first show when they see the sights and hear the sounds that you can not recreate at home.

Working with these boys has been my happy place, my stress relief, my therapy and brought me so much happiness the past few weeks. There is always that one horse that is special and you can never replace. For me this is an old ‘scrub’ paint, with no papers, no bloodlines etc, but he has all the heart in the world. When I had to retire him in 2010 due to an injury that recurred after healing and reconditioning I was at a loss. It was hard to look for another horse while my best friend and partner, of 10 years, had to stay at home.

I have been looking for a horse that I had the same type of connection with, the same relationship and trust for. I bought several, 2 mares, one including the afore mentioned buckskin, and also a gelding. I think I finally found that same connection with Bart and I am so excited and eager to see how this season goes for us. He has so much heart, and I believe he has a genuine love for me, much as my beloved paint does. This season is sure to be sure of hope and new beginnings, for me, Bart and Jim.


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