Spanish Style Doll Clothes Part II

I was sewing the other day and made several adjustments to the pattern I was working on. This is another outfit from a pattern made by Butterick for the Pleasant Company. I am working on Josefina’s clothing, and next on my list was the night shift. I made one of these a while back, and decided I wanted to try a few things differently.

This garment goes together pretty quickly. I found it easiest to put the elastic in the sleeves by pinning the elastic only where you started and finished and then stretching it between the two points. I had too much trouble when I tried more pins than that.04061618190406161846

The pattern calls for beaded lace, which I used the first time I made this. However the neckline was very sloppy and I did not care for the fit at all. So I made an elastic casing at the neck edge and ran 1/4 inch elastic through it. This simple change gave the garment a much neater appearance as well as fit. The neckline was no longer sloppy, but still had the similar lines and fell in much the same manner as the ribbon strung through the lace as the pattern directs.

The red bow that the ribbon at the neckline ties into, is a focal point for this outfit, so I tied a bow and hand tacked it onto the center of the front at the neckline to give the same appearance and have the same detail.


There was a lot of room in finished garment, so I didn’t worry about adding any extra to the neckline to allow for the casing. I am very pleased with how this came out, and I don’t miss the lace one bit at the neckling of this particular garment.

Again, I like the way that snaps look as opposed to hook and loop, so that is what this will get also, is a set of snaps. The entire back of this is open also, with a narrow hem finishing the raw edge. I’ve discovered it is easier both in construction and on younger children to finish garments his way.

There are several more posts in the works!


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