Feathers are coming!

It definitely feels as though spring is here in Ohio today! The sunshine is warm and bright, things are green and blooming, and young animals are growing! The next few weeks will be exciting on the farm!

I went out this afternoon to check on the chicks as the sun was overhead and warm to make sure their new house wasn’t getting too warm. Not only were they a comfortable temperature, they were enjoying the day running and playing with each other while others napped.

First duty of checking on chicks after determining they are not too hot or cold is naturally the feeder and waterer. Filled the feeder and cleaned the dirty water out of the base of the waterer. When I looked up I noticed the largest chick has started to get their feathers! I was so excited I brought them in for a visit!

The chick got to say hello to my grandma, mom, as well as our little foster girl while he got his picture taken. They weren’t too sure of the dog, but that is not a bad thing. I can not believe how much they have grown just in the past couple of days. I am so excited that I have one that is getting their feathers in and I know the others will be soon following!


One of the biggest reasons I chose this breed is the colors in their feathers. I think they are gorgeous birds with their black tipped feathers. They have a simple head, without a large comb and plain looking. I can not wait to see how their colors change as they develop and their feathers finish coming in!

I’m hoping that as their feathers come in, they get easier to tell apart. I have already had people asking me what their names are. I don’t plan on naming them, but I’m hoping to be able to tell them apart. A couple of them already are differentiating themselves with a stronger personality than others.

We are talking about getting a few Guinea Hens in addition to a few more Ameraconas. That will make the flock more interesting! The Guineas would not be used for much egg production of course, but more for insect control on the farm.

Continue to check back for updates!


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