Spanish Style Doll Clothes Part I

I have many hobbies, one of which is sewing. These days I priarily make doll clothes, for 15 and 18 inch dolls. I had some extra fabric and decided to make a Spanish style outfit and night shift. Special care for these dolls was instilled in me from the time I was young and sewing with my Grammy. She purchased Pleasant Company’s Josefina doll for me when I was about 9. The pattern that I have used to create this outfit set is from the Pleasant Company and made by Butterick.

When I was younger, I rememer drooling over Josefina’s Birthday dress. I was lucky enough to be asked to make one for a special Christmas gift this past year for a special young lady and I had some extra fabric! So what better to do than make another set? The first time I make a pattern, I always follow the directions to the letter, after the initial trial run, I make adjustments to pieces and construction to improve the fit or look of the overall garment or outfit.

I have thought about investing in a gathering foot to fit my machine, which woudld make these 6 piece sleeves go faster, but I haven’t yet.


On the ruffle pieces, instead of stitching and folding and pressing and then the final stitching, I simply put a narrow hem in. I have gotten better at that the past few years, and I like the nice, neat appearance it gives my garment.


I chose to do the neck ruffe the same way, by narrow hemming the raw edge. I like to keep things simple. The sleeves and neck ruffles are the most time consuming part of constructing this garment. It took me about 2 hours to get that far and then the rest of it came together quickly.


In this pic the garment is completely together except the bottom hem and the snao=p closures. The pattern calls for hook and loop, but there are some things that I prefer snaps on. This is one of them. I like the neater look of snaps. They are less bulky and for this outfit I prefer them.

0407161325.jpgThis is the final product being modeled by my childhood friend Josefina! She has had lots of love over the years and is still willing to pose for pictures!

Coming up will be the oher garments to comlpete this outfit, including a skirt and shawl, as well as a night shift! Make sure to like my blog before you go and check back in for my next project!

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