The chicks are growing!

I have been I have been thinking about chicks for quite awhile, so I decided to take the first step! I am so excited for these lil guys to grow!

A week ago tomorrow, I brought home day old Amerucana  chicks! They spent the first night in a cardboard box with feed and water under a heat lamp.


The next day I upgraded them to a storage tote. It was easier to maintain and they had more room. 

0404161052.jpgThis pic was taken yesterday! I didn’t think hey had grown much until I compared the first pic and the second pic! My lil birds are growing!!

I put them out in the chicken coop for the first time this afternoon. They are quickly outgrowing their plastic bin and I can’t wait until they have adjusted. The coop is something my dad designed and we built. A friend was an extra pair of hands, and I enjoy saying we did it!

0405161331I have had chickens in the past and that experience led me think this project through a little more. Before keeping the pen clean was a problem, so we floored the coop with Chicken wire over the supports. This will keep the coop easy to clean and hopefully well ventilated. I also like using things I already have, so the largest part of the frame was constructed from materials we already had on the farm. We started with 4 landscape timbers and an oak 2×6. I purchased plywood and 2x4s as well as hardware and paint to finish the project in time to welcome the chicks home.

0405161336.jpgI bed down the coop with some straw for insulation and to keep little feet off the wire floor. I want my chicks to be as warm and cozy as possible.And here are the chicks trying out the new coop! I hope they like it!

Stay tuned for more updates on these lil guys!

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